August 4, 2008

This study provided an in-depth examination of artificial reef technology in Japan and Korea that fundamentally changed the direction of artificial reef design and construction for use in the new Offshore Artificial Reefs Program in NSW through adoption of purpose buil...

March 1, 2007

Stocking of freshwater fish is commonly used to replenish fish stocks in areas where there have been declines or to enhance recreational fishing opportunities at popular angling locations. Species such as golden perch, silver perch, Murray cod, Australian bass, brown t...

This study shows that the re-establishment of cod populations based on release of in grown fish is not an immediate and straight forward alternative to the existing practice of stocking fingerlings into rivers. The pattern of trout cod functioning/existing/ in small ri...

This study of economic and social aspects of recreational fishing in NSW used a telephone survey of 1,254 holders of the NSW recreational fishing licence to examine the expenditure of anglers in NSW and the expenditure of Sydney anglers on their trips to coastal region...

May 1, 2001

In Australia, fishing is the only high participation recreation that is entirely reliant on the extractive
use of natural resources. The recreational sector of the Australian fishing industry includes more than four million people who fish at least once a year, with fi...

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