October 5, 2016

If you're reading this then you probably know that feeling of slipping silently into a clear shaded pool, scanning the different backwaters, rock chutes and foaming eddies before firing out that first cast, landing sweetly up in a small sluggish pocket amidst fast wate...

To better understand barriers and opportunities to rec fish participation as well as understanding how rec fishing changing (who is fishing), need to understand why it is changing and what can we do to influence participation?

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September 28, 2012

What makes recreational fishing so addictive? Catching fish can be a lot of fun, but research indicates that for most Australians it doesn’t explain the whole story.

A number of studies from around Australia have looked at what motivates us to go fishing, and found that...

The value of recreational fishing extends far beyond the money handed over the counter when you buy a new reel... The immense feeling of wellbeing after a big day on the water... The social connections after a weekend fishing with mates. But how can we measure these be...

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Recfishing Research Executive Officer
Owen Li
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