An Economic Survey of the Snowy Mountains Recreational Trout Fishery

February 5, 2001


Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. The study method involved the use of three independent surveys to obtain reliable estimates of expenditure by recreational anglers. Prior to the commencement of this study, the first survey of holders of the NSW Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) was conducted in order to gather data on the demographics, behaviour, preferences and characteristics of freshwater anglers who fish in New South Wales.
The three surveys designed to measure economic activity due to recreational fishing in the Snowy Mountains region were:
• A stratified random telephone survey of holders of the NSW Recreational Fishing Licence;
• A face to face survey of actively fishing anglers in the Snowy Mountain Region; and
• A survey of businesses within the Snowy Mountain Region for which recreational fishing is a significant component of their turnover.


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