River & Riparian Habitat for Fish

May 1, 2001


In Australia, fishing is the only high participation recreation that is entirely reliant on the extractive
use of natural resources. The recreational sector of the Australian fishing industry includes more than four million people who fish at least once a year, with fish catch rates estimated at up to 54 000 tonnes annually. The Australian population is located predominantly in coastal regions, particularly around estuaries. So, too, is the majority of the recreational fishing effort. As a result, the Australian fishing industry is highly reliant on river systems, their catchments and estuaries.That’s simply because the maintenance of sustainable yields of fish is highly dependent on river and riparian systems for good quality water and access to the critical habitats that our fish, and those species on which they depend, require to breed and thrive.


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Recfishing Research Executive Officer
Owen Li
e: owenl@uow.edu.au

p: 0413148222

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