Stocking Up - Securing Our Marine Economy

September 5, 2011


The Sustainable Economy Program aims to identify options for Australia to flourish while bringing our economy within environmental limits. Australia has tremendous opportunity to leverage our natural resources and skills in innovation to build a fair, sustainable and prosperous economy – one that provides a secure future for all of us. Yet to do so, we need policies to support a rapid economic transition.


Stocking Up: Securing our marine economy is the first in a series of reports that will look at how different sectors of Australia’s economy can benefit from policies to preserve the environment and resources that sustain them.


The Sustainable Economy Program is funded by the Graeme Wood Foundation, Grant Mathews, The Mullum Trust, the Digger & Shirley Martin Fund and Johnstone Gumption Fund of the Australian Communities Foundation, as well as the CPD Ideas Sustainers who make regular donations towards our research. CPD thanks all of our funders for their generous support.


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